Activities in Patzcuaro

Tourists may find the perfect settings to practice extreme sports or peaceful horseback riding tours, nearby both the Patzcuaro village and lake. With typical landscapes overwhelmed by fresh and green settings, the visitor can afford to choose from the following activities.

Horseback Riding

In the outer areas of Patzcuaro, horseback riding stands as a tradition that catches the attention of visitors who’re willing to tour beautiful settings among forests and waterfalls, being in direct contact with nature and get to interact in an adventure that turns out simply unforgettable.

Starting off in Morelia, you may enjoy horseback tours by adjacent forests, lacustrine regions or waterfalls in the zone. There are tours that go to the Cointzio Dam, Zirahuen Lake and Santa Clara del Cobre; from Ichaqueo and Umecaro Waterfalls all the way to Patzcuaro. From Patzcuaro, you can take on a horse tour by several small villages settled all along the lake, bordered by soft slopes covered with grass, and at the same time enjoy the lacustrine, volcanic landscape. Some of these villages include Erangoricuaro, Ihuatzio and Napizaro.

Also from Patzcuaro, you may head over Uruapan, 60 km ahead. You may tour the National Park of Barranca Cupatitzio, and admire the river that forms the Tzaracuara waterfall, 60 meters high. Or might as well, while you ride a horse, you may admire an exotic landscape created by the Paricutin volcano, which due to a grand eruption in 1943, the San Juan Parangaricutiro village resulted covered by lava remaining buried up to date, you can also climb 3,000 meters up hill of this popular volcano.

In the different sites with services or clubs, you may find advising services and the most professional guides, the best trained horses, as well as options to camp, get trained in classes related to horse riding or even find information about the most professional events, such as the “Endurance” event, which is a long course race through rough terrains and extreme climates that is becoming another tradition and a tourist attraction for residents. There are not such major physical challenges to overcome when practicing horse riding, though many reasons to get involved with this adventure.

Mountain Biking

Michoacan State occupies the first place on mountain biking activity. This state offers plenty of rock and dirt for this activity with caravan cyclists throughout the city that head all the way up to the top of the hills.

In the villages surrounding Patzcuaro Lake is common to watch bike riders getting into these magical towns, touring picturesque streets, and working out their physique at the same time. The length of the track around the lake consists in almost 80 km long available anytime the visitor feels like going for it. Also due to the near forests of Zirahuen and Cuitzeo, the beauty and the freshness of the air, it is possible to engage this extreme sport.


The multiple natural resources in the state feature settings to take advantage on a very peaceful way, or well, the possibility to get into intense experiences that you may remember for the rest of your life. No visitor could forget the experience to climb a canyon and jump off from the top of it.

The rappel enthusiasts may practice rappel at walls of the Tzaracuara canyon, toward the south of Patzcuaro, where areas have been adapted with indispensable services for the visitor such as grills, restrooms and archaeology at Tingambato, places frequently visited by extreme sports enthusiasts.

Paragliding Flight

Very few adventures in the world can result as spectacular and exciting as the paragliding free flight, activities that deliver a tremendous adrenaline rush all the way from the set-up to the take off. Without the need to jump off from an airplane or a window of a building, the Michoacan sierra offers high and beautiful peaks for those who want to match eagles and hawks flying through the air. Fearless ones may engage this activity in the Estribo Hill, in Patzcuaro.