Explore Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Patzcuaro is the heart of the lake zone and one of the main features of Michoacan because it was the former main pre-Colombian religious center. This due the beliefs of the ancient inhabitants who used to say that there was the heaven’s door for which their gods descended and ascended. In 1540, Mr. Vasco de Quiroga moved the Michoacan bishopric from Tzintzuntzan to Patzcuaro, giving the city the status of Michoacan’s Capital.

Patzcuaro is a true colonial architecture jewel where one can enjoy Baroque and neoclassic style religious monuments in excellent conservation state. Brick and roof tile buildings give the place a singular aspect in perfect harmony with public squares and fountains. The always nice and warmth people mix with a charming environment that invites to always comeback.

Patzcuaro main attractions are: Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, Popular Industries and Arts Museum, Compañia de Jesus Temple and College, House of the Eleven Patios (ex Dominicas Nuns Convent), Vasco de Quiroga Public Square, San Agustin ex Convent and the San Francisco Temple.

Some of the main landmarks in the outskirts of Patzcuaro are: Zacapu, considered as the first Purepecha race settlement, Santa Fe de la Laguna, the colonial village of Erongaricuaro and Santa Clara del Cobre, where the tradition of copper hammering has given it world fame; all this among many more interesting places.